Interior Design

Stathis considers the Interior Design projects as an integral part of his art practice.

His most significant work is the conversion of a !st floor warehouse space in North London, into a 2 bedroom apartment. The free standing old piano factory is a 120 Sq M square space with windows in its three sides. A metal beam in the middle of the space is the only supporting element and exept from the entrance staircase, the remaining space was empty.

The main design intervention is the insertion in the space of an off center cube space and a straight long wall alongside it. The remaining of the apartment retains its industrial characteristics.

The cube apart from dividing the space and incorporating the bathroom and storage, is constructed in a way that gives the impression that it is the “internal space”  and the remaining large area around it with the industrial windows, becomes the “outside space”.

The cube and the false ceiling that connects it to the adjacent walls, conceal within them the centrally positioned new waste pipe, the gas, water and electricity services.