Athens Point of View Installation

The Dianna- Yiulia gallery is located in the vibrant heart of downtown Athens in a building next to the meat and vegetable markets. On the 8th floor Stathis shared the space with artist Dimitra Siaterli and they created work that was inspired by their different experiences of the city.

On the top 9th floor, Stathis created an installation that gave the visitors the opportunity to participate in a visual rediscovery of the city’s complex architecture history.

The space has two large windows made from sliding glass panels.

These afford panoramic views of the city. On one side the opening of 4.38 x2.28m looks over a modern geometric cityscape to Lycabetus Hill with the orthodox church of St George at the top. The other side with an opening of 5.06×2.28m looks over the older historical centre towards the Acropolis.

The glass panels were spray painted white, leaving only a narrow opening through which it was possible to view the city. On this opening were placed a red Perspex panel and small coloured distorting lenses.

This visual reinvention of the city was complimented by a hidden sound installation designed by Petros Diveris. In his design he created a dialogue between the sound in the room and the noise emanating from the surrounding streets.